Viega “Prevista” pre-wall system sets a new benchmark in terms of flexibility and installation

The “Prevista” pre-wall system, developed jointly with experienced industry experts, features a reduced number of installation components with which all commonly encountered installation situations can be covered. Left: the “Prevista Dry” WC element in conjunction with the “Dry Plus” mounting rail for flexible bathroom design. Centre: the likewise height-adjustable WC element for single wall mounting or mounting in the on-site support profile. Right: the “Prevista Pure” block for wet construction. (Photo: Viega)

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Frankfurt/Attendorn, 2019-03-11

If one product group has fundamentally changed construction in general, and bathroom design in particular, in recent decades it's pre-wall technology. As a leading system vendor, Viega has yet again reset the bar when it comes to the technological and commercial benefits of pre-wall technology with “Prevista”. Working closely with industry experts, a modular pre-wall system has been developed which, thanks to its platform strategy, needs only a relatively small number of components. That simplifies stock-holding, as well as making on-site installation easier. With its “Dry”, “Dry Plus” and “Pure” lines, “Prevista” sets a new benchmark in terms of flexibility – for conventional wall mounting, in the on-site support profile, and with an established rail mounting also for creative bathroom design. The innovative Viega pre-wall system will be available from May 2019.

Thanks to their technological and commercial benefits, pre-wall systems have been used to install bathrooms on new-build and renovation projects for over a quarter of a century. With pre-wall elements, it is no longer necessary to penetrate into the building structure as in the case of wet construction projects, and they make it easier to comply with sound and fire protection regulations. Moreover, new bathrooms featuring pre-wall elements can be divided up to create varied and functional spaces in a comparatively easy way.

Viega began pursuing this trend early on, producing systems for both dry and wet construction. The company has now converged the unique features of those systems in the new “Prevista” pre-wall system, creating supreme levels of installation and assembly friendliness.

Wide-ranging installation benefits

In a three-year development process, Viega polled trade professionals to collate their practical experience in working with pre-wall systems. The ideas and suggestions for improvement they gathered in the process were subsequently incorporated into a new development that is clearly structured and features a reduced number of single components. The “Prevista” pre-wall system is based on a modular platform strategy. Beginning with the likewise new cisterns, this means the system can be used with a large number of identical components for single wall and support profile mounting as well as in conjunction with a mounting rail.

The trade professionals also provided lots of input on how the installation of the new pre-wall system could be simplified and sped up. The result is a substantial reduction in the use of tools, based on numerous product ideas. For example, the crossbeams of the “Prevista” pre-wall elements can now be aligned using quick-release clamps. Also, the floor supports can be simply mounted on the “Dry Plus” mounting rail and clipped into place. And single mounting is also possible with the same pre-wall element.

Three defined system lines

Based on the platform strategy, the new Viega “Prevista” pre-wall system is differentiated for designers and trade professionals only by the two dry construction lines “Dry” and “Dry Plus”, and “Pure” for wet construction. The number of single elements in the “Prevista” range has been reduced accordingly. It comprises pre-wall elements for the WC, washbasin, urinal and bidet for dry construction applications. Then there are WC and washbasin elements which users can adjust in height. The “Dry Plus” mounting rail is available as a means of customising the bathroom design. For wet construction, four pre-assembled installation blocks for the WC, washbasin, urinal and bidet are all that is needed.
That reduces the need for stock-holding, making it more cost-effective for both trade wholesalers and professional installers.

All “Viega Prevista” elements in the standard 1120 mm height feature identical cisterns. The flush method is always the same – regardless of the installation height and depth. That not only makes on-site installation easier, it also offers freedom of choice of the preferred flush plate through to the fine installation stage. All Viega flush plates can be combined with all “Viega Prevista” cisterns, and are also interchangeable with them post-installation.
Also, the single-piece blow-moulded cisterns can be connected to any piping system on the market.The desired flush volume can be set quite easily via the drain valve. The optimum flush flow can be adjusted by a patented flushing throttle. That means the flush of the “Prevista” cistern can easily adapt to a wide variety of different WC ceramics, including rimless designs. Additionally, the WC elements which are also height-adjustable are factory-prepared for the connection of modern shower WCs, for which there are matching sets.

Self-explanatory installation

To simplify installation of the “Prevista” pre-wall elements, Viega has developed a special colour concept in collaboration with product designers. All moveable and manually mountable components are coloured yellow. The industry expert thus locates these areas at a single glance. This includes, for example, the fitting of the sliders to adjust the full and partial flush volume on the drain valve, the adjustable flushing throttle, and the bracket holding the filling valve.

Stylish and functional flush plates

Following fine installation, the innovative “Prevista” pre-wall system presents itself to the user in the form of more than 50 different flush plates and urinal plates. Their timeless design, beyond the narrow scope of short-lived fashion trends, means they fit seamlessly in any custom bathroom design.

A special design highlight for any bathroom is additionally provided by a number of new “Visign for More” flush plates which – in some cases as standard, or optionally – feature LED lighting. The installation frame is discreet enough to not clash with the bathroom lighting, yet serves as a discreet guide in the dark. The energy-saving lights only come on when someone approaches.

Touchless variants of the flush plates for the “Prevista” pre-wall system are available to meet special hygienic demands or for applications in public and commercial facilities. Flush plates featuring the Hygiene function are custom-programmable to assist in maintaining drinking water quality based on automatic actuation when a hygiene-critical period out of use is detected.

More information on the new “Prevista” pre-wall system is available online at

About the company

Worldwide, more than 4,000 people are employed by the Viega Group, which is among the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating systems. Viega is working to continue its long-term success at ten locations. While production is concentrated at its four main sites in Germany, the group manufactures special solutions in McPherson/USA, Wuxi/China and Sanand/India for the respective local markets. Installation technology as a core skill drives growth forward. Pre-wall and drainage technology belong to the product range alongside piping systems. The range consists of approximately 17,000 articles, which are used nearly everywhere: in building services installations, in utilities or in industrial plant construction and shipbuilding.

The family-owned business was founded in Attendorn, Germany, in 1899. In the 1960s, the course was set for the internationalisation of the group. Viega brand products are used all over the world. Distribution mainly takes place via sales and marketing organisations in the respective countries.