Advantix floor drains


Advantix floor drains

Advantix bathroom drains system dimension 145
Advantix floor drains are suitable for handling large volumes of water, e.g. hospitals, sport halls and swimming pool showering areas.

Technical features
  • System dimension 145 mm
  • Drainage capacity max. 1.7 l/s
  • Nominal widths DN50, DN70 and DN100
  • Inlet DN40
  • Grate size 143x143 mm
  • Grates made of stainless steel, material No. 1.4301 or 1.4404
  • Sealing flange (Ø 360 mm) for holding the sealing lane
  • Removable odour trap
  • Surrounding sealing flange for securing the holder of the bonded sealing technology

Advantix floor drains
Advantix drains offer everything that meets the latest standard of drainage technology:
  • tested in acc. with DIN EN 1253, quality controlled
  • environmentally compatible PP (polypropylene) and high-​grade stainless steel
  • the above mentioned drainage capacities correspond to an accumulation height of 10/20 mm above the grate (in acc. with DIN EN 1253)

Areas of application
  • Fire and noise protection
  • Conventional sealing
  • Bonded seal
  • Design and bathroom configuration

Important for planning and selection:
  • the required drainage capacity
  • the design of the support – vertical/horizontal outlet
  • the installation height available in the floor construction
  • the choice of sealing system – conventional/bonded sealing technology
  • the size and design of the grate – 143 mm, material, design (grate frame 153 mm)

Instruction for use
The materials used are suitable for loads typical for domestic use. This leads to the following limitations:
  • only typical household water with a short-​term max. temperature of 95 °C may be disposed of via the odour traps
  • no chemical cleaning agents may be used to remove blockages in pipes
  • the cleaning of surfaces may only be carried out using mild cleaning agents

Modular system and system dimension
To be able to provide reliable solutions, Viega has developed a manageable modular system. Drains, sealing accessories, attachments and grates can be combined with each other within the size systems.
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Advantix floor drains


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