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Advantix shower channels


Advantix shower channels offer everything that meets the latest standards of drainage technology:

  • Quality and premium processing
  • Safe installation in the bonded sealing technology
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning pipe
  • Highest degree of reliability and hygiene
  • Tested in acc. with DIN EN 1253, quality-​controlled
  • Environmentally compatible PP (polypropylene) and high-​grade stainless steel
  • The mentioned drainage capacities correspond to an accumulation height of 10/20 mm according to DIN EN 1253

Areas of application
  • Bonded sealings
  • Design and bathroom configuration

Important for planning and selection:
  • The required drainage capacity
  • The type of shower channel(can be shortened, wall-​mounted, etc.)
  • The installation height available in the floor construction
  • The choice of high-​quality plastic or stainless steel
  • Many various design variations
  • The values of the drainage capacities are stated taking into account the accumulation height of 10 and 20 mm
  • For planning a floor-​level shower the drain value at a max. accumulation height of 10 mm must be considered

Instruction for use
The materials used are suitable for loads typical for domestic use. This leads to the following limitations:
  • Only typical household water with a short-​term max. temperature of 95 °C may be disposed of via the odour traps
  • No chemical cleaning agents may be used to remove blockages in pipes
  • The cleaning of surfaces may only be carried out using mild cleaning agents

Advantix shower channel quick-​assembly
The software supports you by choosing and assorting the Advantix shower channel range. It determines automatically the suitable shower channel length, grate versions and all channel components required. In addition to a piece list, a drawing with all of the details, for example the layout, from the program can be printed out directly. The free software Advantix shower channel quick-​assembly as well as further information can be found at:

Technical features
  • Drainage capacity 0.4 l/s up to max. 1.1 l/s
  • Nominal width DN 40/50
  • Various design variations
  • Glass grate made of TSG
  • Grates made of stainless steel, material number 1.4301
  • Surrounding, sanded sealing flange for secure hold of the bonded sealing
  • Drains with good self-​cleaning features and some with removable odour traps

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