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Viega backflow traps

For waste water containing faecal matter and without faecal matter, tested in acc. with DIN EN 13564, quality-​controlled

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    Backflow traps in acc. with DIN EN 13564, for use in pipes carrying waste water containing faecal matter.

    Backflow traps in acc. with DIN EN 13564, for use in pipes carrying faecal-​free waste water.

    Backflow prevention in the form of an odour trap.

    Backflow trap in the form of a floor drain.

    Simple backflow traps for practical problem solutions as well as cleaning pipes round off the program.

    Environmentally friendly PP (polypropylene) This high-​quality material ensures the best suitability for domestic waste water.

    Intended use for backflow traps
    According to EN 12056‑4 and DIN 1986‑100 drainage points beneath the backflow level should be secured under certain circumstances by backflow traps according to EN 13564‑1 against backflow from the sewer.
    If there are unsecured drainage points below the backflow level, cellar flooding can lead to damage to property, contamination and the risk of disease. The deciding factor as to what is above or below the backflow level is normal water level in the odour trap.
    Drainage points above the backflow level are not in danger of backflow. Drainage equipment should only be below the backflow level when it is absolutely necessary.

    The requirements on the backflow prevention are described in the standards DIN EN 13564‑1 and DIN EN 1986‑3.
    Maintenance should be carried out twice a year, inspections once a month.
    All Viega backflow traps are quality-​controlled in acc. with DIN EN 13564.
    The choice of product is determined by the type of water, which flows through the backflow prevention in the direction of the sewer.

    One differentiates between:
    • Waste water free from faecal matter – e.g. from showers or washing machines (grey water). All Viega backflow traps are suitable for use in grey water.
    • Waste water containing faeces – e.g. from urinals and toilets (black water). Viega offers Grundfix Plus Control for use with black water.

    Instruction for use
    The materials used are suitable for loads typical for domestic use. This leads to the following limitations:
    • Only typical household water with a short-​term max. temperature of 95 °C may be disposed of via the odour traps
    • No chemical cleaning agents may be used to remove blockages in pipes
    • The cleaning of surfaces may only be carried out using mild cleaning agents

    Viega balcony and patio drains
    The balcony and patio drains are intended for use on balconies, patios and non-​heat-​insulated small roof areas.
    • Balcony and patio drains, 100 mm
    • Tested in acc. with DIN EN 1253, quality-​controlled
    • Environmentally friendly PP (polypropylene)
    • The already mentioned drainage capacities correspond to an accumulation height of 20 mm above the grate (in acc. with DIN EN 1253)

    Technical features
    • System dimension 100 mm
    • Drainage capacity max. 1.1 l/s
    • Nominal width DN50 or DN70
    • Grate size 94x94 mm
    • Grates made of stainless steel, material number 1.4301
    • Sealing flange for holding the sealing lane/bonded sealing technology

    Viptool planning software
    The software Viptool Assistant supports you by choosing and composing individual products from the Advantix floor drainage range. An assistant automatically determines the floor drain, including sealing flange, height adjustment piece, top and all other accessories. In addition to a piece list, a drawing with all of the details from the program can be printed out. The free software Viptool Assistant as well as other information can be found at:
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