Revert Revert

Multiplex Trio drain/overflow

Visign MT5
flat version; only 33 mm space required behind the bathtub
  • for water inlet through the overflow unit


chrome-​plated rotatable rosette, chrome-​plated drain plug, chrome-​plated cover rosette, inlet flange, odour trap, drain elbow 45°, chrome-​plated valve

Technical data

Water seal level 50 mm
Drainage capacity accumulation height 300 mm 0.92 l/s
Overflow capacity accumulation height 60 mm over middle of overflow hole 0.63 l/s


See current overview for usage notes.
quality controlled in accordance with DIN EN 274

Model 6161.50

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DN BCL L H SB B52 PU Article amount
40/50 560 100–260 180–400 1/5 727 734


DN BCL L H SB B52 warehouse labels (box) warehouse labels (adhesive label) Article
40/50 560 100–260 180–400 727 734

CAD files

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DN BCL L H SB B52 file size Article
40/50 560 100–260 180–400 8.8 MB 727 734


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