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Gunmetal threaded connectors


Gunmetal threaded connectors with bare or chrome-​plated surface.

Manufacturer, pipe dimension, batch

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    Sealing elements
    R-​male thread knurled ex factory – no need to roughen before applying hemp.


    Note – Standards and approvals
    Gunmetal threaded connectors in accordance with DIN EN 10226, Part 1, approved for potable water installations in accordance with DIN 1988 and gas installations in accordance with DVGW-​TRGI 2018 (DVGW Worksheet G 600) (observe notes on the model), tested in accordance with DVGW Worksheet GW 6 and GW 393.
    Gunmetal threaded connector approval in accordance with DVGW Reg. No. DV-7401AO2957.

    Material press connector
    Gunmetal: CC499K
    silicon bronze: CC246E / CuSi4Zn9MnP

    Subject to change without prior notice!
    Latest Z- and installation dimensions as well as further technical information can be found on the Viega website and have to be checked before purchase, planning, construction work and use. Our products are continuously optimised.

    This product description contains important information on choice of product and system, mounting, commissioning as well as intended use and, if required, on maintenance measures. This information on products, their features and application techniques is based on currently valid standards in Europe (e.g. EN) and/or in Germany (e.g. DIN/DVGW). Some passages in the text may refer to technical regulations in Europe/Germany. These should be considered as recommendations for other countries where no corresponding national requirements exist. The relevant national laws, standards, regulations, directives and other technical provisions take priority over the German/European directives specified in this product description: The information herein is not binding for other countries and regions and should be understood as recommendation.

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