Press connector system with press connectors made of non-​alloy steel 1.0308 for black, galvanised, industrially painted and powder-​coated steel pipes in acc. with EN 10255 and in acc. with EN 10220 / EN 10216‑1 as well as EN 10220 / EN 10217‑1.

Press connectors
Megapress press connectors are made of steel 1.0308 with an external galvanic zinc-​nickel coating.
All sizes with SC‑Contur – connections, which remain unpressed become visible when the system is filled. The SC‑Contur fulfils the requirements of DVGW worksheet534, point 12.14, connectors with forced leakage.
During leakage tests with water, Viega guarantees the identification of unpressed connections in the pressure range 0.1 MPa–0.65 MPa, in the case of a dry leakage test with compressed air or noble gases from 22 hPa–0.3 MPa.

Black dot, black rectangle with symbol »Not for potable water installations«
Sealing elements
EPDM, black (ethylene-​propylene-​diene-​monomer rubber); not resistant against hydrocarbon solvent, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, turpentine, petrol

D⅜ (DN10); D½ (DN15); D¾ (DN20); D1 (DN25); D1¼ (DN32); D1½ (DN40); D2 (DN50); external Ø 38.0 (DN32); external Ø 44.5 (DN40); external Ø 57.0 (DN50)
D=External pipe diameter in acc. with EN 10255

Areas of application
Industrial and plant engineering
Closed cooling and heating systems
Compressed air systems
Fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems
Systems for technical gases (request required)

The use of the system for other than those described areas of application and media must be approved by the Viega Service Center.

Operating conditions
  • Operating temperature max. 110 °C (EPDM)
  • Operating pressure max. 1.6 MPa (PN 16)

Megapress is suitable for
  • Fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems (the required minimum and maximum wall thickness have to be observed)
  • Pipes according to EN 10220 / EN 10216‑1 / EN 10217‑1:
    Pipe series 1: D⅜–D2
    Pipe series 2: external Ø 38.0;external Ø 57.0
    Pipe series 3: external Ø 44.5
The Megapress system is not suitable for
  • Combustible gases in acc. with DVGW worksheet G 260
  • Potable water installations and other open systems (exception model 4213.2)

Note – Limitations of use heating systems
Please observe VDI 2035 and EN 12828!

Megapress components may only be used with components that belong to the system!

Protection against external corrosion
Thanks to a zinc-​nickel coating the press connectors are optimally protected against corrosion – e.g. when condensation water forms in cooling systems.
The pipe being use should be protected with suitable corrosion prevention measures - observe manufacturer's information.
Pipes and connectors should be insulated in the same way in acc. with the general rules of engineering.

Use of press tools
The functional safety of the Viega press connector systems primarily depends on the perfect condition of the press tools and press machines used. For this reason, for the production of press connections we recommend the use of Viega press tools and their regular inspection by authorised service points.

Technical data
Press connectors and components are constantly being optimised. If required, the current Z and installation dimensions can be obtained from the download area of the Viega homepage:
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