Profipress S


Profipress S

Press connector system with press connectors made of copper, gunmetal or silicon bronze*, tested according to DVGW worksheet534 with DVGW test seal, pipes made of copper according to DIN EN 1057, for heating installations with operating temperatures of T = 140 °C and short-​term peak temperatures of Tmax = 280 °C, e.g. solar, district heating supply and low-​pressure steam systems.

Press connectors
All sizes with SC‑Contur – accidently unpressed connections become visible during filling the system. The SC‑Contur is certified and fulfils the requirements of the DVGW worksheet534, point 12.14, Connectors with forced leakage.
During leakage tests with water Viega guarantees the identification of unpressed connections in the pressure range 0.1 MPa–0.65 MPa, in the case of dry leakage tests with compressed air or noble gases from 22 hPa–0.3 MPa.

White dot and white rectangle with inscription »FKM«

Sealing elements
FKM, matt black

Press connector materials
Copper, gunmetal: CC 499K
Silicon bronze*: CC 246E / CuSi4Zn9MnP
(both in acc. with UBA list dated 15th March 2017)

Standard sizes: d 12; 15; 18; 22; 28; 35

Areas of application
Solar installations (flat/vacuum collectors)
District heat supply systems
Low-​pressure steam systems

The use for systems with additives – e.g. corrosion or anti-​freeze in heating water – or for other uses other than those described must be approved by the Viega Service Center through a material enquiry.

Operating conditions
Solar installations (flat/vacuum collectors)
  • Operating temperature max. 140 °C, short-​term max. 280 °C
  • Operating pressure max. 1.6 MPa
District heat supply systems
  • Operating temperature max. 140 °C
  • Operating pressure max. 1.6 MPa
Low-​pressure steam systems
  • Operating temperature max. 120 °C
  • Operating pressure: max 0.1 MPa

The use of Profipress S and Profipress connectors with FKM sealing elements in potable water and gas installations is not permitted!

Use of press tools
The functional safety of the Viega press connector systems primarily depends on the perfect condition of the press tools and press machines used. For this reason, for the production of press connections we recommend the use of Viega press tools and their regular inspection by authorised service points.

Technical data
Press connectors and components are constantly being optimised. If required, the current Z and installation dimensions can be obtained from the download area of the Viega homepage:

*) Change of material due to the current switch of production from gunmetal to the Viega worldwide uniform silicon bronze alloy
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Profipress S


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