Press connectors made of the alloy CuNi10Fe1.6Mn. This alloy fulfils the requirements for seawater applications. Rigid and dimensionally stable for fast and clean installation of the main, manifold and connection pipelines.

Cold pressing in seconds with all the advantages that go with it. No soldered or welded connection points, therefore no risk of fire.

Standard sizes: d 15; 22; 28; 35; 42; 54
XL sizes: d 76.1; 88.9; 108.0

Areas of application in shipbuilding
Fire extinguisher systems
Sprinkler systems
Seawater cooling
Bilge and ballast systems
Seawater desalination systems

Use of press tools
The functional safety of the Viega press connector systems primarily depends on the perfect condition of the press tools and press machines used. For this reason, for the production of press connections we recommend the use of Viega press tools and their regular inspection by authorised service points.

Technical data
Press connectors and components are constantly being optimised. If required, the current Z and installation dimensions can be obtained from the download area of the Viega homepage:

The Seapress system is certified and approved by the following certifying bodies:
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