Viega Hygiene+


Viega Hygiene+

Viega products with Hygiene+ function

Systems for use in potable water installations hot and cold for the monitoring and maintenance of potable water quality.

All installation components for the hygiene-​conscious operation of potable water installations are especially calibrated to the Viega systems Sanpress Inox, Sanpress, Profipress, Sanfix Fosta, Raxofix and other Viega installation systems.

The Viega push-​in nozzle serves the purpose of conserving the potable water quality in seldom-​used sections of pipelines, such as e.g. lead-​ins to heating filling stations, sink basins and external extraction fittings.

Smartloop inliner technology allows economic installation of warm water circulation systems and its energy-​efficient operation.

Areas of application
Potable water
Applications in industry similar to potable water
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Viega Hygiene+


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