Viega Hygiene+


Viega Hygiene+

Viega products with Hygiene+ function

Systems for use in drinking water installations hot and cold for the monitoring and maintenance of drinking water quality.

All installation components for the hygiene-​conscious operation of drinking water installations are especially calibrated to the Viega systems Sanpress Inox, Sanpress, Profipress, Sanfix Fosta, Raxofix and other Viega installation systems.

The Viega push-​in nozzle serves the purpose of conserving the drinking water quality in seldom-​used sections of pipelines, such as e.g. lead-​ins to heating filling stations, sink basins and external extraction fittings.

Smartloop inliner technology allows the economic installation of a warm water circulation system and its energy-​efficient operation.

Viega flush plates and flushing station with Hygiene+ function for the preservation of the intended operation in the case of interruptions in operation. A lack of use is recognised, so that a need-​driven water exchange can take place.

Easytop extraction valves suitable for the extraction of drinking water samples in acc. with DIN EN ISO 19458.

Areas of application
Drinking water
Applications in industry similar to drinking water
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Viega Hygiene+


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