WC flush plate for Prevista

Model 8625.1

WC flush plate for Prevista

Visign for More 205
sensitive, with LED lamps
  • for all Prevista concealed cisterns
  • glass
  • chrome-​plated frame
  • touchless flush actuation from front or top, dual flush technology, with Viega Hygiene+ technology


fixing frame, actuating rod set, fixing bolt

Technical data

Small flush volume factory setting approx. 3 l
Large flush volume factory setting approx. 6 l


Electronic accessory set has to be ordered separately!
Orientation light lights up when coming closer!
With optional adjustable safety flushing after using the toilet, without actively triggered flushing!
Note regarding Viega Hygiene+ technology: to support the intended operation after a user detection, different hygiene time intervals and hygiene flush volumes can be set. Programmable time intervals: 1 h, 12 h, 24 h, 72 h, 168 h. Programmable flush volumes: 3 l, 7.5 l.

Model 8625.1


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774 363
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CAD files

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Head Lights Top Lights Lights off
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