Prevista Dry Plus


Prevista Dry Plus

Pre-​wall installation system for flexible bathroom design – with mounting rail, rail connector and ready-​to-​install sanitary modules.

Prevista Dry Plus pre-​wall consisting of:
  • Mounting rails – stable, with large installation face for cladding, for direct fixing to floors, ceilings and walls
  • Rail connector – for 45°- und 90°- connections.
  • Rail punch – for precise, burr-​free shortening of the mounting rail

Includable into Prevista Dry Plus:
  • Prevista Dry elements (WC, washbasin, bidet and urinal elements)
  • Fitting holders

Calculation of material required:
The required rail length can be calculated from the pre-​wall area (width by height) in m² with the rail factor.
  • Area (m²) x rail factor = required rail length (m)
  • Rail factor 4.5 for Prevista Dry installation elements
  • Rail factor 5.5 for Prevista Dry Plus installation element
The rail factor does not supersede detailed planning. Use the Viptool Software Solution or the Prevista Dry Plus configurator for detailled planning.

In addition to the rails, you can find complete packages for 1, 3, 5 and 10 m² incl. connectors, screws and dowels, drywall screws and equalisation panels for uneven surfaces in the catalog.
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Prevista Dry Plus