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Compressed air systems

The right choice of material for your compressed air systems

Compressed air installations should be permanently tight, require as little maintenance as possible and be dimensioned based on requirements. When it comes to planning and choosing the materials for the pipe installation, it is important to take individual, mechanical and chemical influences into account.

The right material for every application 

There is not just one suitable material when it comes to compressed air applications. The advantages and disadvantages of the commonly used materials have to be examined on a case-by-case basis. Viega offers the right system for every application. 

Personal advice in the Service Center

Our Service Center is on hand to help you find the right solution.

Compressed air qualities in accordance with DIN ISO 8573-1:2010 (draft)

High-quality compressed air plays a key role in the system's economic efficiency and production reliability. In addition, it increases product quality, prevents damage to machines and tools, and reduces wear. To ensure smooth production processes, compressed air has to be available at a constant level of quality and at a sufficient pressure. Maintenance which is tailored to the operational requirements is absolutely essential to ensuring that a compressed air system can keep running.

Materials for compressed air installations

Viega press connector systems can be used without restriction for the ISO 8573-1:2010 [4-X:4-X:4-X] purity classes. Usage in line with the purity classes specified in ISO 8573-1:2010 [0-3:0-3:0-3] is to be agreed with the Viega Service Center.

Learn more about our products

The Viega Profipress, Sanpress, Sanpress Inox, Prestabo and Megapress press connector systems are suitable for use in compressed air systems with operating pressures < 1.6 MPa (16.0 bar) and an oil concentration in the compressed air < 25 mg/m³. The comprehensive press connector range enables all appliances to be connected and provides transitions to conventional installations with threaded connections.

For compressed air with operating pressures < 1.6 MPa (16.0 bar) and an oil concentration in the compressed air > 25 mg/m³, our products are to be used with the special HNBR sealing element.

List of media

Viega press connection technology with the Sanpress, Sanpress Inox, Profipress, Prestabo and Megapress systems has proven its value in potable water and building services installations over many years of application. It is increasingly being used in industrial systems which have special operating conditions regarding the pressure, temperature and concentration of the transported media. Careful consideration is required when choosing the pipe and sealing material. The "Fields of application for metal installation systems" information brochure, which is available to download on the right, will make this choice easier.

Immer für Sie da – der Viega Service 

Das Viega Servicecenter unterstützt gerne jeden Kunden mit individuellen Empfehlungen, um sicherzustellen, dass die optimalen Systeme, Bauteile und Dichtungsmaterialien in einer Anlage verarbeitet werden. 

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