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Heating and cooling

Saving time and money on a grand scale

Whether for cooling or heating systems, every application entails specific demands based on the wide-ranging temperatures encountered. Viega Megapress provides efficient solutions for every case.

Faster and more economica

A Viega Megapress connection is a lot simpler than welding, making it as much as 60 % faster as well as safer, less strenuous and more economical. Time-savings of as much as 80 % can even be attained when processing extra-large sizes. The result is a permanently tight connection which is immediately fully resistant to loading.

For universal use

Whether put to use in a completely new installation or in extensive renovation works, Viega Megapress enables even thick-walled steel pipes to be pressed reliably. The system is also available in an XL version – the Megapress S – and the additional Press Booster enables dimensions of 21⁄2, 3 and 4 inches to be pressed. 

High security 

Cold press connection technology eliminates the fire risk, so there's no need for a fire watch, and also reduces processing times, as cooling times do not have to be factored in. 

Viega Megapress

Eliminating the need for lots of welding. There are lots of things to consider when installing cooling and heating systems. Viega Megapress offers a range of benefits which any trade professional will appreciate: The innovative Viega Megapress system is highly versatile, and is capable of pressing thick-walled steel pipes in heating and cooling systems and industrial facilities in an economical, time-saving way.

Viega Megapress press-in branch connector

A clean affair 

Installing a new connection in the steel pipe is not only easy but also clean. A workshop vacuum cleaner can be attached to the drill guide and swarf produced by drilling can be extracted directly. 

Saves costs and space 

The press-in branch connector is a cost and space-saving solution for subsequent installation of a new connection. The pipe is spot-drilled only and not entirely disconnected as e.g. when installing a T-piece. This allows using the press-in branch connector even at locations that are difficult to access. 

1. Attach the drilling device on the steel pipe to guide the drilling shaft. 

2. Drill the hole with the drilling machine and remove the drilling device. 

3.  Press the press-in branch connector into the pipe using the press machine insert and the positioning aid. 

4. The finished steel pipe connection is ideal for installation of thermometers, temperature sensors, manometers, drains or pipe connections. 

Viega Megapress Benefits         

Viega Megapress products

Viega Megapress can be used to reliably press even thick-walled steel pipes. The pipe-moulded connectors made of 1.0308 steel material with a zinc-nickel coating provide the highest quality, robustness and durability. 

Steel pipes in compliance with DIN EN 10255 in threaded pipe quality and complying with DIN EN 10220/10216-1 and DIN EN 10220/10217-1 in boiler pipe quality in sizes from 3⁄8 to 4 inches can be connected reliably and easily using the Viega Megapress system. 

Viega Megapress also features the SC-Contur of course, though in slightly modified form: Whereas the forced leakage is normally created by a small channel on the sealing element, Megapress achieves it by optimising the tolerance between the press connector and the steel pipe. This is the best answer to the special demands imposed on a connector made by the different wall thicknesses and surfaces of steel pipes. Megapress becomes a flexible steel pipe connector system by matching the connector diameter to the large number of steel pipe variants. And here, too, the forced leakage from inadvertently unpressed connections is immediately detectable based on the emergence of water. 

Viega Megapress is not suitable for installation in potable water pipes. The fact is clearly indicated by a marking on each press connection point. This rules out mixing up or accidental incorrect use of Viega Megapress. 

Megapress products

Viega Prestabo – thin rather than thick

The Prestabo press connection system is the alternative for installations that do not require thick-walled steel. With externally galvanised steel, Prestabo combines a tried-and-tested material with the advantages of cold pressing technology. As an externally galvanised variant, the system is suitable for heating and industrial plants. With an additional plastic sheath, it is ideal for wall-mounted installations. As a hot-dip (externally and internally) galvanised variant, it also provides corrosion protection when used in sprinkler and compressed air systems. The Prestabo range features the SC-Contur, is marked with the symbol for “Not potable water”, and comprises a wide variety of press connectors and pipes in sizes from 12 to 108 mm. 

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List of media

Viega press connection technology with the Sanpress, Sanpress Inox, Profipress, Prestabo and Megapress systems has proven its value in potable water and building services installations over many years of application. It is increasingly being used in industrial systems which have special operating conditions regarding the pressure, temperature and concentration of the transported media. Careful consideration is required when choosing the pipe and sealing material. The "Fields of application for metal installation systems" information brochure, which is available to download on the right, will make this choice easier.

Always there for you – Viega Service 

The Viega Service Center will be glad to assist any customers with tailored recommendations in order to ensure that the optimum systems, components and seal materials are used in an installation.

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