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Industrial water systems

Viega offers the ideal pipe system for industrial cooling systems

Industrial coolant processes

Water/glycol mixtures with a glycol content of up to 50% are used in many industrial cooling processes. The Viega Profipress, Sanpress Inox and Sanpress pipe systems are well suited to such applications.

In the case of installations with Profipress or for drilling and cooling lubricants, an individual analysis must be conducted and agreement must be sought with the Viega Service Center. The Profipress press connector system is not suitable for transporting refrigerant.

Personal advice in the Service Center

Our Service Center is on hand to help you find the right solution.

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List of media

Viega press connection technology with the Sanpress, Sanpress Inox, Profipress, Prestabo and Megapress systems has proven its value in potable water and building services installations over many years of application. It is increasingly being used in industrial systems which have special operating conditions regarding the pressure, temperature and concentration of the transported media. Careful consideration is required when choosing the pipe and sealing material. The "Fields of application for metal installation systems" information brochure, which is available to download on the right, will make this choice easier.

Always there for you – Viega Service 

The Viega Service Center will be glad to assist any customers with tailored recommendations in order to ensure that the optimum systems, components and seal materials are used in an installation.

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