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Low-pressure steam systems

Steam systems use the physical properties of the liquid water/water vapour two-phase system. The large amount of heat supplied when water evaporates (enthalpy of evaporation) is released again during condensation in heat exchangers, enabling large amounts of heat to be transported. 

The ideal press connector systems 

The components of steam systems and their installations are placed under high amounts of strain due to temperature and pressure and therefore need to be carefully planned and executed. The German Steam Boiler Ordinance differentiates between high-pressure and low-pressure steam systems, based on the pressure drops present in the installation systems. The pressure in low-pressure steam systems must not exceed 0.1 MPa (1.0 bar). Viega offers the right press connector systems to meet the requirements for low-pressure steam systems. 

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Steam systems in practical applications

The advantages of a steam system over a hot water heating system primarily relate to the fact that a steam system works at a higher energy level. These properties are used above all for systems with a high degree of heat transformation, such as district heating systems and industrial processes. However, the increased technical work involved in setting up and operating the system results in disadvantages too.


  • Higher temperatures
  • Increased thermal performance
  • Increased heat transfer in heat exchangers


  • Increased technical and safety-related work
  • Increased planning, installation, operational and maintenance requirements
  • Regular TÜV acceptance procedures


  • In order to avoid corrosion in the steam boiler and installation, only processed feed water should be used. 
  • Harmful ingress of oxygen in pipes is avoided through thorough ventilation.

Pipe installation

Installations in steam systems must be designed in such a way that any condensate arising in the pipes due to cooling is separated effectively from the steam phase. Condensate carried along with steam can reach high speeds (approx. 90 km/h) and the associated steam hammer can cause damage to the installation and/or accelerate corrosion. 

The condensate can be helped to drain away by routing steam pipes in the direction of flow with a downward slow of approx. 0.5–1% and by having steam pipes empty into separate condensate pipes at the lowest points of the installation.

The Viega press connector systems for low-pressure steam systems

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You can find further information on our press connectors with FKM sealing elements for high temperatures under "Systems for use at higher temperatures".

Systems for use at higher temperatures

List of media

Viega press connection technology with the Sanpress, Sanpress Inox, Profipress, Prestabo and Megapress systems has proven its value in potable water and building services installations over many years of application. It is increasingly being used in industrial systems which have special operating conditions regarding the pressure, temperature and concentration of the transported media. Careful consideration is required when choosing the pipe and sealing material. The "Fields of application for metal installation systems" information brochure, which is available to download on the right, will make this choice easier.

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