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Potable water systems

Assuring optimum water quality

Water is our most precious asset, the vital element in sustaining life, and essential to most manufacturing processes. Helping to assure the quality of this vital element and supplying it in accordance with flawless hygiene standards is Viega’s core competency. 

Maximum hygiene in operation 

Potable water systems must be operated in line with their intended use. This includes ensuring water exchange at least every seven days. Suitable components prevent stagnation-related contamination in pipes through regular water exchange. 

Maximum economic efficiency 

Viega's Sanpress Inox stainless steel system provides an effective solution every time. What's more, the Easytop sampling valve is suitable for universal application, ensuring a high level of economic efficiency.

Maximum operational reliability and long-term safety 

The wide range of operating conditions in industrial plants means that the system and sealing elements have to be chosen carefully to ensure maximum operational reliability and long-term safety in practical application.

Potable water hygiene 

It is essential to focus firmly on hygiene when operating potable water installations. Selecting the right materials is equally important. The Viega Sanpress Inox stainless steel system always provides the right solution. 

Sanpress Inox – hygiene under extreme conditions

  • Sanpress Inox withstands aggressive and abrasive liquids
  • is DVGW-certified
  • and is ideal for applications using such a sensitive medium as potable water. Even where the water is disinfected in accordance with Section 11 of the German Potable Water Ordinance. 
Sanpress Inox

Sanpress pipe 1.4521 – the economical alternative

  • The Sanpress pipe 1.4521 in 15 to 108 mm sizes is a highly practical system
  • It isparticularly well suited to the conveying of special media
  • and offers an economical alternative to 1.4401 grade material


Sanpress-Pipe 1.4521

Testing potable water hygiene

One of the strong points of the Easytop extraction valve: It allows you to take water samples under conditions comparable to those used in a laboratory. Thanks to the two-piece system consisting of a stainless steel extraction valve and the universal gunmetal actuation unit, it is particularly economical because the actuation unit can be used at a large number of draw-off points.


The Easytop sampling valve 

  • Since the actuation unit is removable, it can easily be cleaned in an autoclave and furthermore effectively protects the system from water theft and manipulation
  • The valve body and outlet pipe rotate 360°, and the actuation unit can be installed in 45° increments. That ensures vertical orientation for sample-taking
  • The sampling valve can be chemically and thermally disinfected 
Easytop sampling valve

Preventing stagnant water

For hygienic installations in areas where interruptions in use are envisaged, it is advisable to install suitable components for regular water exchange.

The Viega flush valve and flushing station

  • Regular water exchange
  • Prevention of stagnation-related contamination in the pipes


Viega Hygiene+

Always there for you – Viega Service 

The Viega Service Center will be glad to assist any customers with tailored recommendations in order to ensure that the optimum systems, components and seal materials are used in an installation.

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