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Potable water supply on ships

The potable water required on ships is located in potable water tanks and is either bunkered in ports or processed at sea from seawater itself. The quality of the water must meet the requirements of the local Drinking Water Ordinance and must be regularly tested; the results are to be documented in the ship's logbook.

Maximum potable water quality at sea 

Viega press connector systems meet the requirements of technical rule DVGW W 534 for potable water installations and satisfy the quality standards and specifications of the German Drinking Water Ordinance as well as recommendations from the German Environment Agency.

Personal advice in the Service Center 

Our Service Center is on hand to help you find the right solution.

Systems for using seawater 

Due to its salt content, seawater places particular demands on the material used with respect to corrosion resistance. In this environment, copper and nickel alloys are particularly suitable. Accordingly, Viega uses the alloy CuNi10Fe1.6Mn for its Seapress seawater-resistant product. 

Application areas

  • Fire extinguishing and fire protection systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Seawater cooling
  • Bilge and ballast systems
  • Seawater desalination systems
  • Operating pressure pmax = 1.6 Mpa
  • Operating temperatures Tmax = 110°C


Press connector systems for water installations

Requirements for press connections

  • Approved use of press connectors in accordance with DIN 86003-1 for certain areas of application in the shipbuilding sector.
  • Requirements from technical rule DVGW W 534 for potable water installations must be met.
  • Regulations and approvals of the relevant classification bodies must be observed.

Choosing a system

The following must be considered when choosing a material (e.g. unalloyed steel, stainless steel, copper, CuNiFe or plastic):

  • Suitability and approval for areas of application such as fresh water, seawater, working air
  • Corrosion resistance to external and internal influences
  • Resistance of the sealing elements to the transported medium – in terms of chemical resistance, operating pressure and operating temperature

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List of media

Viega press connection technology with the Sanpress, Sanpress Inox, Profipress, Prestabo and Megapress systems has proven its value in potable water and building services installations over many years of application. It is increasingly being used in industrial systems which have special operating conditions regarding the pressure, temperature and concentration of the transported media. Careful consideration is required when choosing the pipe and sealing material. The "Fields of application for metal installation systems" information brochure, which is available to download on the right, will make this choice easier.

Always there for you – Viega Service 

The Viega Service Center will be glad to assist any customers with tailored recommendations in order to ensure that the optimum systems, components and seal materials are used in an installation.

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