What´s new: The new Viega website at a glance

The sitemap provides an overview of the content across the whole website.

The internet has become one of the most important information media – and that includes the plumbing and sanitary sector. Viega has responded to this development by optimising its internet presence.

In addition to a new design, the emphasis has been laid on better usability and rapid access to important information. With a greater range of information on products and many useful functions, Viega has provided its customers with a useful tool and genuinely helpful support for daily work – both in the office and on site.

The advantages of the new website

Brand-compliant design

Ease of use


Intelligent searching

Extended range of information

Additional functions

The following sections provide an overview of the various sub-pages and functions.

The search function

The search function helps you find the information you need quickly and easily.

Therefore the search field has been given a prominent place near the main navigation bar.

As soon as something is typed in, the engine starts to suggest results, as you will have experienced with Google.

You can now either select one of the suggestions or simply press ENTER if appropriate.

You will then see all the results that fit the search string.
At this point the search results can be refined with the help of various filters and setting options. Search results can:

  • be added to the watch list via the 'plus' symbol,
  • be viewed via the 'ARROW RIGHT' symbol,
  • and be downloaded via the 'ARROW DOWN' symbol.



  • The 'Spare parts' section has been completely renewed. 
    Here you can obtain comprehensive technical data on Viega spare parts in digital form.
  • Historic models going back to 1987 have been redrafted.
  • A spare part page can be added to the watch list.
  • The spare part pages contain over 1000 new exploded views.
  • The content of the spare part pages is added and updated automatically.  

The main 'Products' navigation item includes the following:

  1. current product innovations
  2. significantly enhanced product information in the online catalogue
  3. new: spare part information with historic models going back to 1987 and over 1000 new exploded views
  4. the practical manual content in the 'Applications' section
  5. and Viega's competence topics

The straightforward way in to the catalogue makes it easy to get to the desired model. The model page is accessed via the Products section and the product group or sub-group. The model page contains all the relevant information on a single page. This includes many new items of information, e.g.:

  • instructions for use
  • large colour illustrations
  • article tables
  • warehouse labels and signs
  • CAD files
  • and Z-dimensions


The 'Topics' pages contain all you need to know about Viega's areas of competence.


The 'Tools' section contains Viega's product and planning aids: 

  • Flush plate configurator
  • Advantix Vario configurator
  • Pressure gradient calculator

The upper part of the page contains download categories, while the lower part contains the new 'download finder'. This search engine is enhanced with various filter and setting options, so the required download can be found quickly and easily. Downloads can:

  • be added to the watch list via the 'plus' symbol,
  • be downloaded via the 'ARROW DOWN' symbol
  • and be viewed via the 'ARROW RIGHT' symbol.

The company

The main 'Company' navigation item includes the following:

  1. The new 'About us' page has already been available online as part of the brand campaign since 2016.
  2. The references section has 150 new references.
  3. The careers section contains all you need to know about Viega as an employer.
  4. The media section contains all press releases.
  5. And there is an overview of all trade fairs where Viega is represented.


The references section and the accompanying content have been completely reorganised.
The main references search option is to be found on the first page of the section.
Here you can look for the reference you need from over 150 items that can be filtered according to specific themes. When you click on a reference, the most important information and images are displayed in detail.


The watch list stores all content that you add for up to 28 days, even if it comes from various different pages (precondition: cookies have not been deleted meanwhile).

Also, the watch list allows you to compile content from various pages and downloads easily.