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Still unsure about what job you want to do later, and your studies are too theoretical for you? Viega offers students an ideal first step on the career ladder. We offer you the opportunity to gather some valuable initial experience based on a practical trainee or intern role. You can also work on your dissertation while with us, or help out in day-to-day operations and on project work related to your studies during the holidays. And whatever option you choose: your working conditions will be the best. And you will be working at a company where the employees are recognised as the key to success. 

While working with us, you will get to know all the processes in the department to which you are assigned, you will gain an overview of the range of different tasks encountered, and you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects. You will also be assigned a designated mentor who will assist and support you throughout your time working for the company. You will be an integral member of the Viega family. 

We are particularly interested in the following study subjects:
• Combined engineering and business
• Mechanical engineering
• Economics
• IT
• Business IT 

On this page you will find lots of information about the opportunities for students at Viega. We have someone available to answer any queries you may have at any time.


If you are interested in working on your dissertation or study project at Viega, you can send us a spontaneous application at any time. Agree on a topic with your college supervisor and suggest it to us.

It is also important that you specify the exact time frame, and briefly outline what you expect from Viega. We will respond promptly. Please use our online platform to submit your application. 

Potential topics for your bachelors degree dissertation – particularly in the technical field – might include:

• Production development
• Quality management
• Technical controlling
• Logistics
• Lean Management
• Materials technology/development
• CAD/design
• Product development
• Product/project management 

Viega provides intensive support to students working on dissertations and study projects. We will provide you with a member of staff as a mentor who will help you at any time with any issues or questions you might have. So you will be supported right from the start, and will be sure to make progress rapidly.


The time comes when you have to prove yourself in practice. So why not consider an internship with Viega? 

You will get to know a successful industrial business and strong international brand from a different side – not out of a textbook, but by actively working in it. 

We at Viega place great value in combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills. We will certainly take due account of your special areas of study and your interests when assigning your tasks. Your role will range from helping out with day-to-day operations, to working on projects. You can of course generally become an intern in any area of the business. A student internship normally lasts a minimum of three months. 

At the end of your internship period, you will have got to know an international family business close-up, and you will then perhaps also know exactly what you want to do upon graduating – including the possibility of joining Viega.

Experience reports

Intern and working student in the HR Marketing

Every day you get the chance to bring in your own ideas.


After graduating with a bachelors degree in business studies from Siegen, I decided to take up a six-month internship in Personnel Marketing with Viega. Personnel Marketing was a new field for me, and I was curious as to what to expect. After two interesting orientation days, which are held every month for new staff, I was put straight to work. I was able to gain insights into interesting projects right from the beginning, and I was quickly allowed to carry out exciting tasks independently. From updating the company's social media platforms, to attending all the careers fairs, and helping to organise internal employee communication events: there was certainly no time to get bored. As well as Personnel Marketing, I also had the chance to get to know another area the Human Resources department: Active Sourcing. I had some prior knowledge from past internships, and I was able to utilise and expand my skills at Viega. 

I learned a lot in six months, developed new skills to meet challenges, and above all very much enjoyed working in such a great team. As an intern I was treated as an equal member of staff, and had the chance every day to contribute my own ideas. After completing my internship, I started on a masters course, and I am now working at Viega as an ancillary as part of my studies.

It was not without reason that Viega was recognised as Germany's Top Employer of 2016. It's a great place to work, and offers students an ideal start on their career path.

Internship in the production

I was very much impressed by the openness and kindliness of my colleagues,

My combined engineering and business course, majoring in mechanical engineering, requires a practical internship in various areas. The aim is to underpin the theoretical knowledge gained from study with practical activities. When looking for a suitable company to join, I came across Viega, which is a top name worldwide in the sanitary and heating technology field. 

Just a short time after I had submitted a written application to the Human Resources department, the Technical Training Manager called me in person to discuss the details.

In the early stages of my five-week internship I was able to experience complete production cycles, from the blank through to the finished product. Do you know how many hours it takes to complete an order in its entirety? Or did you know that a press applies several hundred tonnes of force to shape a heated bolt? I found out those things, and much else besides, in the first department I worked in.

In the tool shop, the theoretical subjects such as CAD or machine design that I knew from university took on a practical function. It was great to see that often difficult theory is indeed put into practice. I was allowed to do some things myself, under observation, writing some simple single program blocks for milling machines, and machining core strikes using different equipment. You soon realise that every employee bears responsibility, and that everyone shares in the company's success.

The Maintenance department brings new challenges every day that demand a creative response. Is a lathe in the machining section faulty, or has a robot malfunctioned? A crane is used to remove the complete unit, which is then dismantled in the workshop. Interns are allowed to do plenty more than just watch! Commitment is key, because everyone joins in finding a solution to the problem. If the solution is not immediately obvious, a degree of creativity is called for – including from the interns! 

What made a very positive impression on me was the friendly and open way in which all the staff at Viega treated me. My ideas were considered where feasible, and all my questions were answered. The general climate in all the departments, and among them, was respectful and family-like. During my five weeks in the Viega team I felt respected, and that I belonged there, so leaving was quite difficult.

An internship at Viega not only helps college students put their theoretical knowledge into practice. School pupils can also discover what kind of career might be right for them by engaging in practical activities. 

Interested in getting to know the practice? Apply at Viega!

Take a look at our job portal. Perhaps you'll find the appropriate job. And if not, send us your speculative application - for example for an internship or your thesis. When doing so don't forget to tell us the desired time period in your cover letter as well as the department in which you'd like to work. We look forward to hearing from you.

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