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Viega Foundation – for a safe and healthy life

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Water is life.

For 125 years, the issue of clean water in buildings has been a pillar of our global economic success - and a real project close to our hearts. With the Viega Foundation, we also provide direct support: by supporting projects in India and the USA, we help where we also leave a corporate footprint. We have been active in the North American market since 1999. Our subsidiary Viega LLC is based in Broomfield, Colorado, with production facilities in McPherson, Kansas, and in the future in Shalersville, Ohio. Since 2015, we have been present on the Indian market with our own subsidiary, manufacturing products in Sanand, training customers in our seminar centre in Mumbai and maintaining a sales office in Delhi.

The Viega Foundation: setting an example with WASH

The Viega Foundation focuses on projects in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). India is actively working to improve the sanitation and water supply of its population. The Foundation supports this process by offering innovative technologies, comprehensive solutions and partnership-based advice at eye level. Through the Viega Foundation, we are advancing WASH in regions that we cannot reach with our traditional business.


WASH Institute

WASH Institute

With the support of the Viega Foundation, the WASH Institute operates in southern Indian states with specially equipped mini trucks that treat wastewater from septic tanks in rural communities on a decentralised basis using modern filter technology. Due to geographical challenges, it will never be possible to connect all villages in India to a central sewage system. Therefore, innovative approaches are needed to provide the population with safe access to sustainably usable drinking water. The WASH Institute, founded in 2008, works closely with the Indian government and international research institutions to realise this goal.

Impact Foundation

The Viega Foundation supports the Impact Foundation, called "Dasra", and its NFSSM Alliance in a grant project that advises local and regional government authorities in disadvantaged states in northeast India. In these oftentimes mountainous areas, the topography poses a challenge for efficient wastewater management. Decision-makers are supported in developing wastewater management policies with the aim of providing people with access to safe toilets and sanitation. The Impact Foundation is considered one of the most renowned non-profit organisations in India and plays a crucial role as a link between business, NGOs and government institutions.

WASH Institute


Since 2024, the Viega Foundation has been supporting PERIOD., a non-profit organisation founded by young people. PERIOD. has set itself the goal of making a nationwide statement against period poverty in the USA. PERIOD. provides unbureaucratic help to people who do not have enough money to buy sanitary products. Not only does it provide products free of charge, but it also raises awareness of the problem through nationwide public awareness campaigns. The Viega Foundation supports PERIOD. initiatives in Miami, Florida, as well as in Kansas and Colorado, where our subsidiary Viega LLC is based.

YUVA Unstoppable

Yuva Unstoppable focuses on mentoring programmes and school infrastructure improvements to create ideal conditions for education. In the state of Gujarat, a funded project renovated sanitation and other areas at schools to ensure around 2,000 children having access to clean toilets and water to wash their hands. A mobile container with filters allowed wastewater to be reused as grey water, for example for flushing toilets, which saves water. Founded in 2005, Yuva Unstoppable is an established Indian non-profit organisation that developed as a volunteer initiative to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. The Viega Foundation funded the project until the end of March 2024.

„As COO of the Viega Foundation, my goal is to bring networks together in a meaningful way and support initiatives so that they have a lasting impact – making a positive difference to people's lives in the long term. With a background of leading global grant programmes and training in business, philosophy and Indology, I am building the non-profit Viega Foundation to partner Indian and global NGOs to advance WASH issues.“

Medje Prahm (Chief Operating Officer), Viega Foundation

Viega foundation supports WASH projects in India

By establishing the Viega Foundation, the Group now intends to provide concrete support. The charitable foundation is committed to creating the basic requirements for a healthy life.