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Viega Code of Conduct

The word “compliance” is ubiquitous in the business world of today. It refers to a company’s obligations to follow all of the laws and regulations set by national bodies and controlling authorities that apply to its operations. Meeting these obligations requires appropriate measures to be put in place and adhered to: these include the internal rules and standards that a company and its owners impose on themselves. Here, we will provide a brief overview of the areas that compliance affects and information on how to download our Code of Conduct.

Compliance: an ongoing process

Compliance means more than just adhering to laws – it is an ongoing process. Every single person is expected to be familiar with the Viega Code of Conduct and to factor it into the decisions they make. 

Our values: guiding principles

Viega’s values, which include respect, trust, responsibility, courage and clear goals, form the basis of the efforts we make to ensure compliance. They act as our guiding principles.

Our corporate responsibility

We are committed to upholding basic human rights and are opposed to child labour, forced labour and unfair conditions. Sustainability is an integral component of our corporate strategy.

Our responsibility in the workplace

Protecting business secrets and upholding occupational health and safety standards are extremely important to us. We are committed to responsible decision-making processes and transparent documentation methods.

Our responsibility as a business partner

Integrity is fundamental to our business. We are opposed to corruption and bribes, and we are committed to ensuring fair competition. It is crucial that we uphold compliance in the areas of products, foreign trade and tax.

Handling social media

We take a respectful approach to our use of social media and observe data protection and competition laws. We also make sure to handle information confidentially when using social media.

Information security and data protection

Protecting business secrets and abiding by data protection regulations are our key priorities. We use information technology responsibly and have put measures in place to guard against cyber attacks.