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Allianz Arena

The major Allianz Arena project in Munich, Germany, as well as the, at present, largest car park in Europe, were finished on time. In terms of drinking water and sanitary installations, the Viega system world was part of this success story. (Photo: Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH)

Viega pre-wall technology has secured its place in the exclusive Allianz Arena boxes

Regardless of whether you are a football fan or not and the club you support, it cannot be denied that FC Bayern plays successful and sometimes even inspirational football. A trip to the Allianz Arena, the home of FCB in Munich, Germany, is also magical. And that's not simply down to the goals scored there. Guests who watch the games from the exclusive boxes are also impressed by the interior design.

That's hardly surprising given that the annual rent for the 106 suites is between 90,000 euros and 240,000 euros – a princely sum for just 50 m². For this price, the "hirer" is able to choose his own customised design and layout – including a bath and shower on request. However, this degree of customisation demanded a masterpiece from the sanitation company during construction of the stadium.

Flexible and time-saving

The time frame between the final groundplan and interior planning of each box and the unalterable completion date was, as can be imagined, extremely short. Yet in order to accommodate the customers' wishes, the sanitation company in charge used the pre-wall system Steptec. This system is extremely quick to install and also highly flexible. This allowed the sanitation experts to preassemble pre-wall elements in the workshop. And on site just a few manoeuvres were required to achieve the perfect fit. This strategy allowed even the most unusual room solutions to be achieved without any problems. The end result: Every box and sanitation room is exclusively tailored to the customer's specific wishes.

Viega’s press technology saved additional time when installing the drinking water system – particularly when laying the 8-km stainless steel pipe system Sanpress for the main distribution in the Allianz Arena. Since the XL dimensions between 76.1 and 108.0 mm could be reliably pressed in just a few seconds, vital seconds were saved before the whistle was blown for the opening match.

Object Allianz Arena
Location Munich, Germany
Year 2005
Object Type New building
Size 171000 m2
Area of use Sport and leisure
Architect Herzog & de Meuron, Basel
Planning Elin GmbH & Co KG, Linz
Installation Stürzer, Aindorf