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Hotel Sonnenburg

Located in a strategic position in the Dolomites, Italy, the exclusive Hotel Sonnenburg di San Lorenzo, at the Brunico gates, has opened a new wellness area in its 12th century vault. (Photo: Hotel Sonnenburg)

Complete Viega system technology in historic walls 

The charming Hotel Sonnenburg within the historic walls of Castel Badia in Alto Adige, Italy, has a 900 m2 wellness area since 2012. It is equipped with various types of sauna, Turkish baths, emotional showers and facilities for a variety of wellness treatments. Conceived by the architectural firm Forer-Unterperinger, the design combines the needs of a clientele in search of quality services with the need to preserve the historical aspects of the site.

The flexibility of Viega Advantix Vario

The spa has two pools and various types of saunas, set out as monolithic blocks, while leaving the original structure of the surroundings unaltered. It is here that Advantix Vario, Viega’s shower channel that can be shortened with millimertre precision, finds one of its applications. Also in the four emotional showers and in the classic showers, just as in the area of the footbaths, Advantix Vario performs its task with elegance: thanks to a grate width of just four millimetres as well as a drain edge of just 20 millimetres, it integrates discretely into the floor made of silver quartzite, a local stone particularly suitable for the wellness area in that it is naturally beautiful and, above all, antibacterial. The various different application situations in Hotel Sonnenburg demonstrate the high level of design flexibility of the Advantix Vario shower drain.

Quality in the bathrooms and behind the walls

Besides the creation of a new spa and wellness area, Hotel Sonnenburg has seen the construction of new rooms and suites with different styles. In line with the high quality standards of the hotel, Visign for Style 12 WC flush plates and the pre-wall systems Viega Mono and Steptec, Tempoplex shower drains as well as Multiplex Trio bathtub fittings have been installed. In addition, the Viega piping systems Sanpress Inox and Prestabo have been used for drinking water and heating installations respectively. 

Object Hotel Sonnenburg
Location Sankt Lorenz/Bruneck, Italy
Year 2012
Object Type Renovation
Size 900 m2
Area of use Hotels
Architect Forer-Unterperinger
Installation Regele Paul OHG & Co., Sankt Lorenz