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Luxury Apartment Tower Istana

The luxury Istana apartment tower in Melbourne, Australia, embodies environmental sustainability and creative design.

Tight installation timelines make copper press technology by Viega the first choice

Located in the heart of the busy Melbourne CBD in southern Australia, this luxury apartment tower stands like a beacon of architectural achievement. Completed at the end of 2014, the $80 million, 25-floor concrete-reinforced glazed tower combines cost efficiency with environmental sustainability and creative design.

The need for speed

The project required impeccable coordination of all trades involved. This is the core reason Joseph Princi from Liquid Vision Plumbing Group, the company responsible for completing the project’s extensive plumbing works, chose Viega’s Profipress technology (Australian standard).

“Installation timelines were tight, so speed was essential,” he explains. “Other trades were also wanting to do work, so using Viega Profipress technology allowed us to move through the building and minimise any disruption for the Hickory team (the construction team behind the project). It also allowed for more labour flexibility as we had many projects currently underway.”

The Propress advantage

Joseph and his team used Viega Profipress and Profipress G (from DN 32 to DN 80) in the building risers, main runs, ring mains and branches. “It’s especially good with Viega’s SC-Contur safety feature so our installations were guaranteed to leak should there be an unpressed fitting,” Joseph explains. “This allowed us the ability to simply press the fitting that had been overlooked with a minimum of fuss and continue with the installation.”

Encompassing 320 apartments (including one, two and three-bedroom variants), four two-storey penthouse apartments and a retail front, the project demanded the use of the best high quality materials and fittings. “Viega could deliver all of the clients’ initial specifications, which were to construct an optimum-serviced building with zero defects,” Joseph says. “They offer everything we need - excellent products, customer support and supplier warranty.” 

Object Luxury Apartment Tower Istana
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year 2014
Object Type New building
Area of use Residential
Installation Liquid Vision Plumbing Group