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Osnabrück hospital

The hospital in Osnabrück, Germany, is committed to ensuring excellent hygiene. In the new building the preservation of high drinking water standards was a top priority even during planning. (Photo: Osnabrück hospital)

Regular exchange of water for the preservation of excellent drinking water hygiene

The hospital in Osnabrück, Germany, enjoys an outstanding international reputation. Its spinal column department is so big that it attracts patients from all over the world. A new building with 33 beds offering all the luxuries of a 4-star hotel has now been developed to accommodate these international guests. The demanding hygiene requirements were met for drinking water through the consistent installation of products from the Viega range.

Targeted reduction of line volume

The main distribution systems are made from stainless steel (Sanpress Inox) with a dimension of DN 64 and less: The dimensions were planned right from the start in line with needs in order to minimise the volume of the drinking water system. This facilitates the regular exchange of water in all the line sections which is fundamental to good hygiene.

For the same reason, the flowthrough-optimised plastic piping system Raxofix was installed on the floors. Low connector resistance coefficients and flow-optimised double wall panels with a throughflow directly up to the extraction point are details which, together, have a positive impact on the design and operation of the drinking water system. As such, almost all the connecting pipes have a dimension of DN 16 without compromising comfort and convenience. The significantly reduced system volume serves to further promote preservation of the high drinking water standards.

Flush plates to prevent stagnation

In all the patients' bathrooms, the programmable flush plate Visign for Care with Hygiene+ function automatically triggers the regular exchange of water. Stagnation is thus ruled out even when individual rooms are not occupied for a while. If for a specified period of time the toilet as the main consumer at the end of the cold water ring system is not flushed, the integrated electronics in the flush plate trigger flushing with precisely the water volume in the pipe section at risk of stagnation which means that no drinking water at all is wasted. 

Object Osnabrück hospital
Location Osnabrück, Germany
Year 2011
Object Type New building
Area of use Health
Planning Altewichard GmbH, Belm
Installation Altewichard GmbH, Belm