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Rehabilitation clinic

The new rehabilitation clinic located directly at the Romberg park in Dortmund, Germany, was built in just 18 months.

Fewer interfaces: Rehabilitation clinic built in record time

The rehabilitation clinic next to the Romberg park in Dortmund, Germany, not only stands out due to its state-of-the-art neurological and orthopaedic medical equipment. Even when constructing the clinic, particular attention was paid to ensuring that the very latest technology was used throughout.

Otherwise, the construction of this health centre with some 200 beds and 80 outpatient treatment stations within less than two years would not have been possible. An important concept with respect to technical building services was the minimisation of interfaces; this was achieved amongst other things via the use of the Viega system world for the sanitary and heating installations.

High speed and even higher quality

More than 25,000 metres of piping were laid in the new building for the heating and sanitary installations alone. And let's not forget the many thousand press connectors. Accordingly, the cost of the piping systems was a significant factor. Yet it wasn't the procurement costs of the many metres of piping which were pivotal to the installation company Gebr. Lorenzen from Krefeld. Rather the company relies on brand products to ensure overall cost efficiency. This includes, for example, the long-term quality of the press connectors as well as quick and simple handling.

Viega system world for drinking water and heating

And it is here that the results of the project are particularly positive: Over 3,500 metres of Sanpress stainless steel pipes were used at the site in Dortmund for the drinking water installations, a further 2,000 m of Prestabo for heating and a total of 20,000 m of the plastic piping system Raxofix for the connection of the drinking water extraction points and the radiators – with everything coming from a single source, Viega.

"There were always a dozen colleagues on site who, depending on construction progress, worked on the heating or sanitary installations. When the working processes and tools for all piping systems are the same, this makes things so much easier", explained one of the experts from Gebr. Lorenzen. 

Object Rehabilitation clinic
Location Dortmund, Germany
Year 2015
Object Type New building
Size 13700 m2
Area of use Health
Architect Hout Consens GmbH & Co. KG, Straelen
Planning Gebr. Lorenzen GmbH & Co. KG, Krefeld
Installation Gebr. Lorenzen GmbH & Co. KG, Krefeld