Signal Iduna Park

During the summer break of 2015 BVB invested more than 1.5 million euros into the modernisation of its stadium, the Signal Iduna Park.

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Object Signal Iduna Park
Location Dortmund, Germany
Year 2015
Object Type Renovation
Area of use Sport and leisure
Installation Wilhelm Steinhaus GmbH, Dortmund

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Viega technology for BVB fans  

Today, precisely 81,359 fans can now cheer on BVB at games in the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany. As such, Germany's biggest football stadium offers around 700 additional places following the conversion of block 63 in the northern stand to a standing area. As part of this work, numerous sanitation facilities were also modernised. To make sure the job got done in the short summer break, BVB sent the system technology from Viega onto the playing field.

Challenging timelines

The construction time for the refurbishment of the various sanitation areas really was challenging. In just four weeks 500 meters of rails from the Steptec pre-wall system had to be assembled with almost 50 urinals, more than 30 WCs and 16 washbasin elements. In addition, more than a dozen floor drains from the Advantix range were also used.

Viega system world

Refurbishment projects are notoriously unpredictable. Yet, in order to stick to the tight schedule, the company in charge of the work, Wilhelm Steinhaus, relied on the Viega system world and the quick availability of components required even at short notice. Work was further facilitated by the pressing of the connecting pipes using the quick press connection system Profipress for copper pipes.

A size 15 connecting pipe was sufficient

The size of the connecting pipes is rather special in football stadiums. After all, the sanitation facilities have to cope with a huge rush of football fans within just a few minutes each game. The solution offered by the installation company: When use of the sanitation facilities is to be expected, the magnet valves automatically trigger flushing at defined time intervals. The annoyance caused by failure to flush is avoided, there are no broken flushing valves and no wasted water due to continuous flushing – what's more, with a DN 22 manifold and a DN 15 connecting pipe per sanitation room, the urinals always stay freshly flushed. Automatic hygienic flushing of the systems is also possible when the stadium is not in use.