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Smart bathroom

Electronic filling of the bath: Just two designer Multiplex Trio E3 controls can be seen on the edge of the bathtub. All the technology is hidden below the bathtub.

A great sense of well-being even before bathing thanks to smart bath fittings

It should be modern and chic, an oasis of well-being, and of course also functional and suitable for children. These were the combined wishes expressed by a three-person family from Krefeld, Germany, for their new bathroom.

The installer, who is also a passionate bathroom designer, knew how to help and presented a whole host of ideas. The husband liked one idea immediately: The Viega bathtub fitting Multiplex Trio E3 together with a fitting in the base of the bathtub which allows the water to flow in and drain away.

A divided response ...

When the bathroom designer explained how the bathtub fitting works, the technology-mad family man was hooked: The exact water temperature and fill level can be preselected, and the bathtub can even be filled via wireless LAN using a smartphone app on arrival home. Personal settings can also be saved – all in all this solution offers unbeatable comfort.

The landlady immediately liked the design of this unusual bath fitting: It only has a showerhead on the wall and no typical bathtub inlet. Instead there are illuminated control elements on the edge of the bath. The bath water flows in quietly and almost invisibly from below. Great! But doesn't the bathtub flow over if the wireless LAN connection fails? Will their little daughter be able to use this technology?

... followed by unanimous enthusiasm

The information provided by the bathroom planner was able to put their minds to rest: The water stops running when there is no wireless LAN connection. In such cases, the bath water, however, can be run manually. What's more, operation of the Multiplex Trio E3 is quite literally child's play. With that the decision was made, and the family hasn't regretted it once: The husband loves the technology, his wife the convenience and design. And their daughter likes it all. Particularly the fact that she no longer burns herself on water which is too hot. 

Object Smart bathroom
Location Krefeld, Germany
Year 2014
Object Type Renovation
Area of use Residential
Installation Gawlik Ibisevic GbR, Meerbusch