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Our diverse range of products and applications is used for a variety of purposes – from buildings and industrial systems to shipbuilding and supply technology. Our solutions are often found in sensitive areas such as drinking water supplies, enabling hospitals, care homes, holiday parks, hotels and building complexes to achieve the required standards of safety.


Advantix Vario

Design for the Advantix Vario shower channel and wall drain

The configurator helps you plan and design the Advantix Vario shower channel and wall drain easily and quickly. To do this, you have to simply enter length and form of the desired shower channel or wall drain. The configurator then calculates the expected drain capacity, visualizes the designed shower channel / wall drain including a saw plan and indicates which parts are required for the installation.

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Design for the Advantix floor drainage in five steps

The Advantix configurator enables to plan and design bath and floor drains as well as shower channels from the Advantix range quickly and conveniently.

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Visign flush plates

The Viega flush plate configurator helps you find a flush plate matching the individual bath design in just a few clicks. You can also visualize them in the individual installation situation. This allows you to meet even the highest customer demands.

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