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The building of the future

Viega designs buildings of the future – and makes both the construction and operating phases of buildings more sustainable and efficient. And at our main site in Attendorn, we show how this future could look. 

Our Viega World seminar centre in Attendorn is a smart building that meets the latest standards. Using the innovative building information modelling (BIM) method, we were able to plan ahead for the entire life cycle of the building. This makes the building better – all the way from the construction phase into the operating phase. As a reference project for the future of construction, Viega World is setting a new benchmark for integral planning with BIM, and this is now reflected in the work on standards and policy.

Data and its networking in the construction and operation of buildings are an essential part of Viega World. And with them our demand for quality and sustainability. From planning and operation to supply, the building is designed for energy efficiency and sustainability – and therefore meets the highest sustainability standards.

We firmly believe that we are building today for tomorrow. This applies to decisions we make just as much as to processes we set in motion now. We think in terms of solutions, not products. And this is why we are really committed to delivering solutions for a future worth living – and to actively shape it directly. The construction of the future will be data-driven and integrated, so that the requirements for construction and use cannot only be anticipated, but also incorporated into a smart construction process.

By constructing the new training centre, we document our brand philosophy through integral planning with the BIM working methodology and through an energy standard that is focused on the highest standards in a resource-saving and sustainable manner. This puts Viega World at the very heart of the Viega brand.

Ulrich Zeppenfeldt (Vice President Global Sales Service), Viega

Smartes future

Smart buildings will have an important role to play in our future. Studies are already outlining what our lives could look like. A single smart home becomes a networked city in a networked world. But if we take a look at the construction process, it is important to understand the technology behind the four walls and all of the requirements involved. Because here, too, networking is a core element. In the building of the future, we don't just look at the room in itself, but at all of the rooms holistically. With their benefits, the systems and connections as an entire complex. For us, every space can be transformed into a living room. 

Supply and connection the top priority

Looking at the overall concept has been part of the Viega World from the programme's very outset. The (architectural) planning of the building was based on the use concept and the resulting building services engineering. Building services engineering therefore forms the basis of the building structure and was included with all its divisions and utilities from the very beginning. This ensures a highly efficient and sustainable operating phase, even after completion of the construction phase. This means that construction planning is oriented towards wet rooms, heating and ventilation systems, and the canteen kitchen or the routes required for these.

Sustainability anchored in the life cycle

Sustainability has played an important role even from the planning phase of Viega World. As a family business, Viega thinks ahead for the long term. This means that the entire life cycle of the building was also planned in the construction process, taking into account long-term use and possible dismantling. 

Digital construction competence field

Plan, educate, build. We view each space holistically as an individual object. We turn spaces into living rooms and into an integrated building of the future. Find out more about our design, vision and technologies in our digital construction competence field. 

Digital construction competence field