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Viega World – the seminar centre of the future

From smart processes to the buildings of the future

A place where knowledge can be experienced, and the future of construction can be seen and touched. On top of this, Viega World unites our plans for the future, our desire to shape tomorrow together and our ability to develop and deliver holistic solutions. We have integrated our 120 years of experience as an innovation driver in the industry into Viega World. We have always been driven by the vision of revolutionising installation technology. We have grown steadily on this basis and with Viega World we are creating a place that combines theory and practice as well as our aspirations for sustainability and digitalisation. This encompasses our collective industry knowledge, from drinking water management to digital construction and the buildings of the future. And this is all reflected in the specific methodology of the building, as the entire construction process was digitalised using building information modelling (BIM). This makes Viega World the first major project that we have implemented with BIM. 

Viega World already meets the sustainability and efficiency requirements of tomorrow and has already been awarded the highest rating level "Platinum" by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Our centre shows how innovative construction works. This centre is a place where we want to share our accumulated knowledge on the construction of the future. Take a look behind the scenes with us and learn more about the four pillars of Viega World. 

The Four substantive promises